Nepali Students Safely Return from Conflict-Stricken Israel

Nepali Students Safely Return from Conflict-Stricken Israel
Credit goes to Kathmandu Post

In a significant evacuation effort, 254 Nepali students have been successfully brought back from Israel, a region currently engulfed in conflict. These students landed in Kathmandu early on Friday morning, marking their safe return to their homeland.

The Nepal Airlines Airbus A330, with a seating capacity of 274, was the chosen carrier for this crucial mission. The flight embarked on its journey from Ben Gurion International Airport, Israel, at approximately 5 pm NST on Thursday. After a brief layover in Dubai, the aircraft touched down in Kathmandu at 2:37 am.

Foreign Minister NP Saud, who had personally traveled to Israel to oversee and facilitate the evacuation process, addressed the media at the Tribhuvan International Airport upon the flight's arrival. He expressed relief and satisfaction at the successful completion of the mission, emphasizing the government's commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of its citizens, no matter where they are.

He further added that there are still some Nepalis in Israel who have expressed their desire to return. The government is actively working on strategies and plans to assist them. The exact number of those wishing to come back and the timeline for their return is yet to be confirmed.

This evacuation showcases the dedication and swift action of the Nepali government in times of international crises. The safe return of these students is not just a relief for their families but also strengthens the trust of the Nepali people in their government's capabilities and intentions.