Three Everest Passes in Ten Days: An Unforgettable Trekking Experience

Three Everest Passes in Ten Days: An Unforgettable Trekking Experience
Photo by Christopher Burns / Unsplash

The Khumbu region of Nepal, home to the majestic Mount Everest, offers some of the most breathtaking trekking routes in the world. Among these, the trek encompassing three Everest passes—Kongma La, Cho La, and Renjo La—is a unique and challenging adventure. This article narrates the experience of a group of trekkers who completed this journey in just ten days.

The Journey Begins

The trek began on May 4 from Lukla, the gateway to Mount Everest. The group decided to push ahead to Namche Bazaar on the first day, despite warnings from locals about the challenging journey. Their determination paid off, and they reached the bustling bazaar by mid-afternoon.

The Three Passes

The group planned a back-to-back trek in an anti-clockwise route, aiming to cross Kongma La, Cho La, and then Renjo La. These three Everest passes are known for their steep and tricky trails, making the trek a thrilling challenge. Despite the strenuous hike from Chukhung to Kongma La Pass, the group managed to reach Lobuche safely on the morning of May 8.

The Everest Base Camp

Upon reaching the Everest Base Camp, the group discovered that over 500 climbers were waiting to ascend Mount Everest. They spent their time at the Base Camp observing the scenarios, meeting Sherpas and porters, and taking pictures before returning to Gorkshep the same day.

The Beauty of Gokyo

Gokyo, a beautiful sight on the trek, was reached on the evening of May 11. The group hiked to the Fifth Lake the next morning and enjoyed the majestic sight of Mount Everest from the base of Cho Oyu. The Fifth Lake is situated near the top of Ngozumpa Glacier, the longest glacier in the Himalayas.

The Final Pass: Renjo La

On the sunny and beautiful morning of May 13, the group reached Renjo La and enjoyed a spectacular 360-degree view of Mount Everest, Mount Makalu, Gokyo Lake, and several surrounding peaks. This marked the end of their trek, and they descended the steep snow-covered trail to reach Thame, where they stayed overnight.

The Khumbu trek, encompassing three Everest passes in ten days, was a challenging yet unforgettable experience. It required fitness, self-discipline, and the ability to cope with high altitudes. Despite the challenges and expenses, the experience of walking the beautiful trails, meeting other trekkers, admiring the landscape, observing the lives of highlanders, and breathing in the fresh unpolluted air made the journey a lifetime memory. This trek serves as a testament to the beauty, adventure, and cultural richness that the Everest region has to offer.